Handel's Messiah

Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 7:30pm

afc-messiah-poster_page.jpgLocation: Kent Concert Hall

Craig Jessop, Music Director and Conductor

The American Festival Chorus with the American Festival Orchestra


  • Brianna Craw Krause, Soprano
  • Gayla M. Johnson, Alto
  • John Mauldin, Tenor
  • Benjamin Burt, Bass

This performance will include interpretive signing for the deaf by a theatrical signing group from USU.

"Even when the subject of his work is religious, Handel is writing about the human response to the divine," says conductor Bicket. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Messiah. "The feelings of joy you get from the Hallelujah choruses are second to none," says conductor Cummings. "And how can anybody resist the Amen chorus at the end? It will always lift your spirits if you are feeling down."

- Smithsonian Magazine

Fun fact: Messiah was first performed 270 years ago this April 13th (1742)! 

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Tickets may also be purchased at either Caine College of the Arts box office.


The print your own ticket option actually arrives as a pdf attachment in an email a few hours after one's purchase. It can't be printed out at the time of purchase. This is really not explained well in the ticket website but no worries. Should be a great evening.

Thanks for passing that information along. Our tickets are handled by USU in this case. I'll pass this along as feedback.